I'm a researcher with a passion for pastry. Having spent a good portion of my childhood in the City of Light, I consider Paris a second home and hold its desserts near to my heart. I was five when I tasted my first macaron (a salted caramel one on rue Bonaparte). One bite into the delicate almond treat and I was hooked! Longing to recreate France's delicious desserts at home, I started crafting confections of my own almost everyday after school. When I was nine, I told my parents that I would one day be a baker. Thus, while I happily pursued my higher education in French, I did it in the "sweetest" way possible. I baked for friends during my studies at Brown University, served as the "Cake Representative" of my graduate class at Oxford University, and refined my knowledge of French pastry at the Cordon Bleu in Paris on a full scholarship from the James Beard Foundation (where I was named third in my class). Having a bakery has always been the sweetest of dreams. And with The Love Confection's opening in 2010 and online launch in 2013, I've finally turned that dream into a reality.



Mademoiselle             Macaron

Salut, mes amis (Hello, my friends)! I'm a researcher-by-day/macaronista-by-always who enjoys traveling, tap dancing, and performing dramatic karaoke renditions of Boyz II Men's "MotownPhilly" and Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby."


Let's Mac Aro(u)n(d)!